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Divcibare is the plateau of the mountain Maljen and it is located at the altitude of 980m. Favorable geographical position, mild climate and the increased presence of iodine in the air are important factors that have (historically) contributed that Divcibare become known as spa. It’s located in the Kolubara District, 37km southeast of Valjevo. Maljen, and therefore Divcibare are rich in flora and fauna. Coniferous forests are of paramount importance to this famous tourist spot. In late April of this plateau beautiful daffodils bloom, which also represent the trademark of Divcibare.


It is rich in water. Through Divcibare flow large number of small rivers that belong to the Kolubara basin and basin of Zapadna (Western) Morava.

The visitors are able to visit the nature reserves that are under strict state protection, such as”Crna reka”,”Calacki potok”,”Zabalac”and “Vrazji vir”.

During the year various events are held at Divcibare, such as:
– “Beli narcis” (White narcissus) – at the end of May
– “Dani divljih gljiva” (Days of wild mushrooms) – at the beginning of October
– “Vinski festival decije rekreacije” (Winter festival of children’ recreation – in February in which children participate from home (country) and abroad.